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  • User-friendly, quick, and scientifically validated online questionnaires for candidates and employees
  • Easy-to-use online platform to manage data at no additional charge, with award-winning, responsive customer service
  • Flexible and budget-friendly options for all applications and assessments

Why Extended DISC®?

Do you consider your employees to be your most important assets?

That’s how almost all of our clients worldwide feel. They believe they need to have the best, most motivated and productive employees to be successful. These clients turn to us for information to:

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Develop employees to become more productive
  • Motivate and engage remote employees
  • Increase sales by improving salespeople
  • Identify high-potential employees
  • Develop managers to leaders
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance communication, morale, engagement and employee satisfaction
  • Strategically lead their workforce to make it their competitive advantage

Take the Everything DISC Assessment for FREE!

We believe so strongly in the results of this system, that we welcome you to take the initial assessment on us. This tool is here to help you!  It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.  Make sure you are in comfortable and quiet setting, relax and try not to over-analyze your responses.  We will contact you with your results upon completion.  Good luck!

What Can These Assessments Provide You?

  • Specific information to make better, more objective hiring decisions
  • Tailored reports to help employees and teams to modify behaviors to become more successful
  • Data to lead your organization with confidence

Why use Extended DISC®?

You can choose from hundreds of behavioral, competence, cognitive ability and 360-feedback assessments. They provide specific information to help you to make better hiring decision and improve the success of your employees, teams, and organization. We help you to choose the best tool(s) for you.

  • DISC Assessments
  • Competence Assessments
  • Sports Assessments
  • 360-feedback Assessments
  • Surveys

You will receive award winning customer support to ensure your — and your organization’s — success.

You can select from different pricing options to best meet your situation.

What is Extended DISC®?

Extended DISC is an international assessment company with operations in almost 50 countries and over 250 team members. Extended DISC offers internationally validated — and periodically re-validated — assessments that can be tailored to clients’ unique needs and preferences.

For over 30 years, we have helped millions of individuals, teams and organizations to become more successful. We create long-term partnerships with our clients. Our average client relationship exceeds 9.5 years.

Ready to Learn More?

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Extended DISC® assessments are GDPR-compliant and are available using gender-inclusive language that does not discriminate against a particular sex, social gender or gender identity, and does not perpetuate gender stereotypes.

We offer flexible pricing options tailored to clients’ needs including Unlimited Use Licenses. They offer an unlimited number of assessments for a fixed fee.

Extended DISC® Virtual, Public and Onsite Certification options are approved for SHRM, PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification credits.

DISC Profile Options

The Assessment

Powered by 40+ years of research, each Everything DISC personality assessment combines adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to deliver precise insights to each participant. These insights lay the groundwork for a personalized experience rich with “aha!” moments that inspire behavior change.


The Profile

The personalized content in the profile deepens self-understanding through the DISC model. People gain insight into their own preferences and tendencies, learn more about relating to others, and receive actionable strategies to help them improve their interactions and ultimately, their performance.


The Facilitation

The profile comes to life in a virtual or in-person classroom experience that engages and educates. Easy-to-use facilitation tools, including scripted content, contemporary video, and impactful activities, can be customized to meet the specific and remote needs of your people and your organization.


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