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Satisfied Employees = Satisfied Customers

Addressing employee satisfaction and professional development needs is no longer optional in today’s marketplace.
Human Resource professionals must rise above the routine to deliver a sustainable Employee Experience.

– R.P. Anderson

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    Robert P. Anderson is an experienced and proven Talent Development and Organizational Effectiveness professional. With 15+ years of industry experience; Robert has built a reputation for coaching, inspiring and motivating business professionals to reach their full potential.

    He developed his passion for people development during his graduate studies at Texas A&M where he earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Organizational Development.  In the years that followed, Robert has worked in multiple leadership roles including Education, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare Industries, Manufacturing, Retail Sales and Merchandising. 

    He has spent the better part of his career working with business owners and corporate leaders, help improve their organization’s employee and leadership development training needs.  Watch video to learn more.

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Thank you so very much for taking the time to come over to speak with our staff about accountability.  All of us sincerely appreciate it, and found it to be very informative & thought provoking!  We value our partnership and it's because of people like you that our relationship grows stronger. - Jennifer Johns, CEO